A Better Way To Store Cars

You’re tired of the clutter.

You’re tired of leaving your precious wheels parked out in the driveway — exposed to the elements, vandals, and thieves.

You’re tired of not having a practical way to store your cars — without having to pay exorbitant monthly fees for a space in someone else’s garage.

Our Advantage car storage lifts are practical, affordable, and downright righteous.

Whether you are a car collector who needs a reliable place to lift and store your vehicles in between trips to auto shows, or you are simply in need of more space to park in your home garage (at the behest of your significant other), our car storage lifts are the solution you’ve been searching for.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know and shop for the best automotive lifts online at Advantage Lifts.

Who Needs A Car Lift?

The beautiful thing about a car storage lift is that these amazing pieces of machinery are simple enough to be installed and used by just about anyone.

Here are just a few signs that buying a car storage lift is a great option for your situation:

  • You’re Out Of Space: If your garage floor is cramped and cluttered, and an expansion project simply isn’t an option, all you really need to do is look up. Sometimes we forget that utilizing the space above our heads is an option. A car storage lift, particularly the Advantage parking lifts we sell here at Advantage Lifts, is the best option for creating garage space and allows you to park multiple vehicles in the same space. It’s like a bunk bed for your cars! 
  • You’re An Avid Collector: Whether you have just one set of collector wheels or many, one thing is for certain: you want to protect your investments. What better way to do that than by getting a safe, secure way to park and store your vehicles within the confines of your own home? 
  • You’re A DIY Mechanic: Do you love to work on your own cars? Then a 4-post car storage lift provides an opportunity for you to do just that. Easily raise your vehicles to the right height and work underneath them safely to keep them up and running in tip-top shape without having to crawl and contort yourself underneath. 

The Best Car Lifts

At Advantage Lifts, we only distribute the very best car storage lifts in the industry. From Advantage parking and storage lifts to the Backyard Buddy, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best lifts made with the highest quality materials and safety standards. You can even choose from 2-post lifts and 4-post lifts for your home garage or auto shop.

Simply put, our automotive lifts provide you with a better way to store cars. Stop wasting money on storage units, garage overhauls, and constant repairs. Instead, shop for car lifts online and choose from the biggest and best brand names, including Advantage, Bendpak, Challenger, and more.

It’s time to discover a better solution. It’s time to get lifted with Advantage Lifts!