The Advantage Of Advantage Car Lifts

When it comes to lifting, storing, and working on your vehicles in the confines of your home garage, you deserve a lift with a few key advantages.

In fact, you quite literally need an Advantage — an Advantage car lift, that is.

These parking and storage lifts are the number one choice among car collectors, aficionados, and those who quite frankly just love to maximize both efficiency and space.

In this blog, we’ll be listing a few advantages of the Advantage car lifts — because who better than us to do just that?

At Advantage Lifts, we love cars. And we love car lifts. That’s why we have been designing, building, selling, installing, and servicing a variety of automotive lifts for more than two decades.

We have the knowledge and experience that few have within the industry, which is why you should entrust our company when it comes to buying and installing the right automotive lifts for your residential garage.

Shop automotive lifts for sale and keep reading to learn all about the many advantages of the Advantage car lifts.

Residential Automotive Lifts For Any Garage

One of the biggest advantages of the Advantage automotive lifts is the options that are available for car collectors, home mechanics, and just about anyone else in need of a reliable storage method.

The Advantage lifts for sale on our site are wide-ranging and offer something for every situation. From narrow 4-post lifts capable of hoisting your favorite roadster, to heavy duty 4-post lifts capable of holding your RV trailer during those cold winter months, Advantage has it all.

Here is a breakdown of each of the automotive lifts for sale at Advantage Lifts:

  • Advantage SS 9,000: This 4-post lift is capable of holding up to 9,000 pounds of vehicle, and is designed specifically with home use in mind. Rather than paying for a storage space or leaving your cars exposed to the elements, this lift allows you to store multiple vehicles — one up top and one below — safely right in the friendly confines of your own garage.
  • Advantage SS 9,000 XLT: Do you have a boat, a long collector car, or a trailer that requires a bit of extra room in the front and back? Then this is the lift for you. The extra long, extra tall frame of this automotive lift allows it to hold 9,000 pounds of car with 16 feet of track length to hold things in place without wobble or compromise. 
  • Advantage SS 11,000 HD: This one is made for the big boys. Capable of holding upwards of 11,000 pounds, this automotive lift features enlarged pulleys, cables, and just about everything else to hold up those big wheels. 
  • Advantage SXS 10,000: Looking for a big-time 4-post lift to store all of your cars under one roof? Then the side-by-side heavy duty lift from Advantage is the one you need. This one is ideal for home garages, auto shops, and collectors who want to protect their cherished possessions with a superior product. 

Why Buy An Advantage Lift?

So now that you know a little bit more about the Advantage automotive lifts we have for sale, why should you choose this type of lift for use in your home garage?

The reasons are really quite simple. The Advantage team brings decades of experience to the table when it comes to their designs, construction, and service — and all of the automotive lifts at Advantage Lifts are backed by five-year warranties to give you that extra peace of mind.

Advantage Lifts also allow for double stacking, which means you can maximize the space and efficiency in your garage without any problems whatsoever.

Here are a few additional reasons why you should consider buying an Advantage automotive lift:

  • Each lift features 12 locking positions with underneath clearance up to 71-inches.
  • The cables are pre-run, which makes the installation of your auto lift simple and quick.
  • Powder coat finish provides extra durability.
  • The steel slider underneath the lift captures the lock and allows you to store and/or work underneath the lift safely.
  • Additional accessories include hydraulic manual jacks, aluminum approach ramps, aluminum deck inserts, lift lights, and more. 

Are you ready to get lifted? Shop for the best automotive lifts today at Advantage Lifts and see the advantages more clearly.