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You have a problem.

We have the solution.

At USA LIft Sales, we want to help you get lifted — or at least, get your vehicles lifted.

Our team has been in the car lift business for more than 35 years, with experience and expertise that simply can’t be matched by anyone else in the industry. We do it all from selling residential car storage lifts, to installing auto service lifts, to inspecting and servicing lifts in our area.

From Pennsylvania to Maryland, Virginia to New York, we are happy to serve the upper east coast as the ultimate car storage lift provider.

Keep reading to learn more about who we are, what we do, and shop for the best car storage lifts, from Advantage to Challenger to BendPak, and get lifted today.

Who Is USA LIft Sales?

The USA Lift Sales team is passionate about cars, trucks, and the auto industry in general. That’s why we’ve spent decades in the space developing, building, installing, servicing, and selling the highest quality auto lifts and equipment in the industry.

We started this business in 2005 to help fellow car enthusiasts, do-it-yourself auto mechanics, and full-service repair shops get the equipment they need.

With our car storage lifts and auto service lifts, we have helped countless garages and shops improve their space, protect their vehicles, and improve productivity.

What Does USA Lift Sales Do?

Frankly, we do it all when it comes to your car storage lift needs.

We make it easy for you to browse our site and find the best lifts for your needs — whether it’s a 4-post lift, 2-post lift, or an Advantage 4-post car storage lift.

But we do more than just sell auto lifts. We are also your trusted one-stop-shop for delivery, installation, and even service of your auto lifts.

Whatever you need, we can work with you to make it happen.

Where Do We Serve?

As we mentioned above, we have warehouses all up and down the east coast. Our home base is located in Hanover, Penn., but we also have the capability to deliver, install, and service auto storage lifts in:

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • West Virginia 

Don’t see your location lifted? Just contact USA Lift Sales today and see if we can’t help you out!

Why Do I Need A Car Lift?

There are many situations that might call for the aid of a car storage lift. The simple fact of the matter is, they not only help you clear space in your personal or commercial auto garage, but they can also help protect and prolong the life of your collector vehicles.

With the right car lift, all of your problems can be solved. Here are just a few reasons why you need a car storage lift:

  • Save Space: Are you tired of dealing with garage clutter? Do you not even have room to maneuver or walk around anymore? With a car storage lift, you can essentially double your garage floor space and get the room you need to operate. Simply hoist your car (or cars) onto the lift when you’re not using them, and gaze in wonder at all that open floor space. Hey, there’s that old screwdriver you’ve been looking for! 
  • Protect The Shine: Car storage lifts also come in handy when you have a bevy of collector vehicles in one location. Whether it’s your auto workshop or your residential garage, keeping your vehicle's safe and secure off the ground (when you’re not showing them off, that is) can be extremely beneficial and a great way to avoid dents, dings, scrapes, and other issues. 
  • Be More Productive: Whether you’re just an auto hobbyist or you run a full-service repair shop, a car lift (or two, or three) can help you streamline your repairs and even increase safety. With an auto lift, you get the opportunity to work beneath vehicles without having to crawl underneath, use a jack, or worry about your stool sliding out from under you. Work on (and under) multiple vehicles in one bay, and see your productivity increase almost instantly! 

How Can I Get A Car Lift?

That’s the easiest question of all. Simply visit our online store at USA Lift Sales and browse our selection of high-quality, reliable, and affordable car storage lifts today.

It’s time to get the ultimate solution. It’s time to get lifted!