Backyard Buddy: American-Made, American Strong

Backyard Buddy has been producing high-quality automotive lifts since 1978. Known for manufacturing 4-post lifts, Backyard Buddy developed the concept of the "outside slider car lift." To this day, Backyard Buddy still uses the outside slider design in the manufacturing of its lifts.

Built on an American-made foundation, Backyard Buddy is located in Warren, Ohio. Each lift is handcrafted with quality, safety, and strength. Our motto is what defines the core values and goals of Backyard Buddy. Our lifts are made with industrial-grade steel, further living up to its motto. Some features that set the lifts apart from the competition are the centered baseplates, the secondary locking systems, and the steel pulleys and cables.

Our solid industrial-grade steel baseplates help to prevent the posts from warping while being welded in the manufacturing process. Having the baseplates centered allows the weight of the vehicle load to be evenly distributed. Our secondary locking system provides peace of mind in the case the primary locking system were to fail. This backup system helps to keep the lift from falling and causing any damage or injury to people or vehicles. Industrial-grade steel is used in many of our lift components, including the pulleys and cables. The use of industrial-grade steel helps to provide more stability for the lifts, as well as increase their life span.

At Backyard Buddy, we manufacture different styles of 4-post lifts along with their accessories. All our lifts are made to be compact yet sturdy. With an average weight capacity of 8,000 lbs., these lifts are capable of lifting and storing any size vehicle, including some trucks. Our compact design allows these lifts to fit in residential and commercial garages. Our Backyard Buddy lifts are designed to be freestanding, allowing the lift to be moved easily with our caster system.

Each Backyard Buddy lift comes with additional features and accessories. This includes a set of drip trays, a set of end stops, a caster kit, aluminum or steel ramps to fit the lift, and a five-year limited warranty. Other accessories that can be bought to accommodate the lifts are a magnetic LED light kit, rolling and standing jack platforms, and rolling jacks. These lifts and accessories help to achieve maximum efficiency when storing and working on your car.

To learn more about Backyard Buddy and the different lifts, call one of our sales representatives or view our product page.