How To Lift And Store Your Cars At Home

We love cars.

You love cars.

That’s why we both find ourselves in this very blog at this very moment.

Chances are, you’ve been searching the World Wide Web in order to find the best way to lift and store your cars.

You’ve likely considered storage sheds, storage units, vehicle covers, and other methods of storage — all to no avail.

Keeping your beloved cars off site simply won’t do. You need a reliable, simple, and efficient means for not just storing, but lifting your cars in your own garage.

Which brings us here.

In this blog, we’ll provide reasons why you should choose a 4-post car storage lift for your home. Not only do these hydraulic car storage lifts provide the structural support your vehicles need, but they are also easy to install, create more space in your garage, and ensure an even lift every time.

So, how can you lift and store your cars at home — without having to rent a space in a garage that is miles away?

Simple. Take a look at the Advantage car storage lifts we offer at ADVANTAGE LIFTS and shop today.


Lifting and storing your vehicles is really a simpler process than it sounds.

Once you find the car storage lift for your needs — whether it’s the Advantage 4-post lift with a 9,000-pound capacity, or the extremely heavy duty 10,000-pound capacity side-by-side lift — you can choose to install yourself with just a few simple steps.

All of the pertinent instructions are included in your lift; simply make sure you have ample space for installation and be sure to check for the following:

  • Overhead obstructions: Site should be free from heaters, building supports, electrical wires, lights, etc.
  • Flooring: Make sure the floor/concrete is not defective, cracked, uneven, or sloped at an angle of more than two degrees. Car storage lifts should not be installed on asphalt, wood, or any surface other than reinforced concrete that is at least 3 ½ inches thick.
  • Outdoors: It is not recommended that your lift be installed outdoors. This is to protect your lift and your vehicles from the elements.
Need help with installation? Not a problem! The ADVANTAGE LIFT Sales team is happy to provide our car storage lift installation service to all of our clients. Contact us to learn more.

Why You Need A Car Storage Lift?

Sure, you could just park your cars in your garage. Sure, you could just blanket the cars in your driveway with a tarp or a specialized cover.

But only with a hydraulic car storage lift, like those you can find here at ADVANTAGE LIFTS, will you get the reliable means of storage and space-saving you really need.

Advantage 4-post lifts are easy to install, and more importantly easy to use, allowing you to protect your vehicles without worrying about wear, tear, or the elements.

Get the storage solutions you need today when you shop at ADVANTAGE LIFTS. It’s time to get lifted.