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4-Post Lifts

You and your cars deserve the very best when it comes to your car storage lift. At Advantage Lifts, we design, sell, deliver, install, and even service the highest quality, most reliable line of residential 4-post lifts in the industry. 

Browse Advantage 4-post lifts today and find the model that best suits your need to store, maintain, and preserve your cherished car collection.

Advantage 4-Post Lifts

These lifts are made for the big boys. From cars, to trucks, to SUVs, to camper trailers and RVs, the Advantage 4-post lifts are made with the Advantage attention to detail and superior quality standards.

Whether you are looking for a lift to hoist your hot rod so you can work in, on, and underneath it safely and easily, or you want to create more storage space in your residential garage or home shop, these are the lifts for the job. With customizable features, side-by-side capabilities, and even extra long specifications available, Advantage lifts are known to be safe, sturdy, and downright reliable.