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Advantage Lifts

Why Choose Advantage for Your Auto Lifts and Other Garage Equipment?

Get the Advantage You Deserve

After taking time to research and test the capabilities of the other auto lifts on the market, Advantage Lifts brings together all of the best features and benefits from each lift in order to develop and provide the best automotive lifts around for residential or shop usage.Advantage Lifts are an exquisite example of how even the most utilitarian of products such as residential car garage lifts can incorporate thoughtful design elements.

The double-action safety lock system incorporated in each lift shows that safety comes first and foremost when it comes to using Advantage auto lift products.The caster system of Advantage lifts makes it easier than ever to move your auto lift to any location. Most Advantage auto lift also feature a power unit with normal residence voltage requirements — meaning they are complete DIY setups for residential usage that do not require the assistance of electricians in order to operate.

To make our high-quality auto lifts even more approachable for use as your go-to residential garage lift, Advantage provides a multitude of installation videos for assembling your particular auto lift unit.

Already own an Advantage car lift, but want to expand upon your setup? Check out our Advantage car lift accessories for everything you need to get off the ground and running.