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Four Cars on Advantage's 10,000 Pound 4-Post Lift (Front View)
Rear View of two cars being loaded on the 10,000 Pound 4-Post Lift
Rear view of four cars utilizing 10,000 Pound 4-Post Lift when fully set-up
Residential garage car lift with two cars up top and two more down below
Advantage side by side 4-post lift completely flat and ready to load
Shop using multiple Advantage 4-Post Lifts to fit a lot of cars in a reasonable space

Advantage SXS-10000 (Double Wide)

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The Best Double Wide 4-Post Lift

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  • The Advantage SXS-10000 heavy duty four-post lift is built to last and made exclusively for Advantage Lifts.

  • With a 10,000-pound lift capacity and four posts for maximum stability, this lift is ideal for residential garages and auto shops.

  • Our lifts are backed by more than 15 years of designing, building, selling, and installing car lifts, alongside a five-year warranty for both structure and hydraulics.


This Side x Side lift is a great option for doubling the space of your two-car garage. A span of 16ʼ between the posts gives you ample space to drive two vehicles under your hot rods. With the optional decks inserted it can turn your lift into a mezzanine to store the garage clutter or most anything else. The Side x Side lift was designed to hold 10,000 lbs. (two 5,000 lb. cars side by side). The cross arms are crowned and reinforced to prevent sagging. The SXS-10000 premium package includes: (2) rolling jack trays, (8) drip trays, (1) set of 48" aluminum ramps, (3) aluminum walkway inserts, (8) aluminum end stops, (4) rubber wheel chocks, (4) casters, and a 5 year limited warranty. 



5" × 5" inch posts with 6" × 6" sliding collars are the largest and sturdiest in the industry. (Eliminates the wobble)
• Manual Deadbolt locks are the most reliable and is the safest locking system used.
• 48" aluminum approach ramps included that are fully gusseted.
• Heavy‑duty poly caster wheels that won't cut or mar your painted floor. 
• 8 drip trays to catch the drips.
• A full 82" of clearance under the deck while resting on the top lock.
• Pulleys have cable keepers to protect cables from ever coming off a pulley.
• Pull out stops on both ends of lift that will allow you to drive through.
• Tracks that are boxed in for extra strength.





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