**USA Lift Sales and Advantage Lifts Have Merged Together**

About Us

Our company’s journey in the lift business began in 1978 when Jay Smith started the Used Jack Factory, which today is known as Automotive Lift Service. Over the last four decades Automotive Lift Service has become the leading lift service company in the Mid-Atlantic region. In 2013 Jay (who still works for us today) sold the business to my wife and I, and shortly after came the creation of a new sales division called USA Lift Sales.

At USA Lift Sales we quickly made our presence know at car shows all over and even outside of the Mid-Atlantic region. We built our reputation on our personable and knowledgeable staff that sells only a hand selected line of high quality lifts from trusted brands. In 2015 USA Lift Sales became the exclusive distributor for Advantage Lifts in the mid-Atlantic region; a product line and brand thousands of our customers have come to know and love over the years.

As of Fall 2018 USA Lift Sales and Advantage Lifts have merged together to become a nationwide company. We will operate under Advantage Lifts, but you may still see our USA Lift Sales logo as part of our transition. We strive to combine the positive buying experience of both brands and to make the buying experience even better. For those who have come to know and love the Advantage Lifts team, you will continue to see Tony and Gordie at shows ! We all look forward to seeing our previous customers out and about at car shows, and to meeting new friends.