Advantage Lifts Design and Safety Features

Why Advantage Lifts Stand Out In The Market 
Quality, Safety & Strength


About Advantage Lifts

Advantage Lifts is the “Original and Still the Best” 4-post lift of this design on the market. We were the first lift company to manufacture the 6” x 6” exterior slider design with a 5” x 5” post almost 10 years ago, and our safety features are legendary.

All Advantage Lifts have been built with the company mantra of “Quality, Safety, Strength” in mind. Advantage Lifts has thousands of happy customers nationwide who have our lifts in their garage, many of whom are repeat customers. 


A True Industry Leading Warranty

All residential Advantage Lifts come with a 5-Year Warranty* on structure, cylinder, power unit, and functional components. The extra 3+ years compared to our competitors could save you hundreds of dollars and provides you with many more years’ worth of service and peace of mind.

Some lift companies claim to have an industry leading warranty, but they don’t even come close to our warranty. We are proud to be the pioneer of the industry’s best warranty.

Why buy from a company that only provides a 30-day warranty when you can get a 5-year warranty from Advantage Lifts?


Design and Safety Features

Primary Locks and Secondary Slack Cable Safety Locks

All four posts on Advantage Lifts have both a ¾” thick primary safety lock and a secondary slack cable lock. Your four primary locks are synchronized when engaging with each lock position. In a worst-case scenario if a cable were to fail the secondary lock would engage to prevent the lift from ever falling.

Enclosed Post with Laser Cut Lock Positions & Outside Steel Slider Design, With a Solid Foundation 

The exterior slider design provides you with a much more stable lift then the C-Channel design. With our stable design you do not have to anchor the lift, providing you with a portable 4-post lift for your garage. C-Channel lift makers say they don’t have to be anchored, but with our 30+ years in the installation business we recommend anchoring C-Channel lifts.


Reinforced Steel Crossbar

The exterior slider and the 2" x 4" crossbar are welded together to provide one solid piece.  Advantage Lifts is the first lift of this design with a reinforced crossbar, which includes an additional welded steel plate across the entire crossbar.  CAD testing results prove that Advantage's crossbar can support more than 3 times the 9,000 lb. rated capacity.  

Dual Cable Keepers

Advantage Lifts are the first 4-post lift to have cable keepers at all the pulleys, not just underneath the runway.  The cable keepers are positioned to not interfere with the cables or operation of the lift and prevent the cables from jumping off the pulleys.