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Why A 2-Post Lift or a 4-Post Lift Would Make Your Life Easier

We all have dreams and aspirations. Some of us want to sail the ocean blue like Christopher Columbus, discovering new lands (new to us, at least), meeting the people, and integrating into the local culture. Some of us want to climb Mount Everest, testing our physical limits like they’ve never been tested before. Some of us want to invent something that could change the world, like the iPhone or computers did. Some of us want to do nothing more than sit by the fire, a dog on the floor at our feet, a book in one hand, and rocking our baby in the other. Some of us dream of being able to better utilize our garage space, or being able to park our car in the garage so when it snows outside, we’re not cold cleaning our car off. Advantage Lifts sells the best car lifts, including 2-Post lifts and 4-Post lifts. Whether you’re looking to save space in your garage or shop, start your own auto repair shop, or improve your existing auto repair shop, Advantage Lifts has the auto lift to suit your needs. Below, we’ll review our offerings and the benefits of an Advantage Lift. Contact us today!


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Benefits of a 2-Post Lift

  • Easy access to all parts of the vehicle, including the wheels
  • Hoists your car higher in the garage or shop, making this a great lift for low-ceiling garages and shops
  • Wheels hang below lifting arm
  • Less expensive compared to 4-Post lifts
  • Takes up less space than 4-Post lifts, making it ideal for smaller garages and shops
  • Perfect for DIY auto repair projects
  • Can be used for permanent storage of vehicles or clutter
  • Ideal for temporary lifting


Advantage ML-2000 Single Post Lift

Single post lifts are perfect to accommodate smaller vehicles while taking up less space than a 2-Post or a 4-Post lift. Our Advantage ML-2000 Single Post Lift will store your small utility vehicle safely and securely. Ideal for installation in the corner of your garage or shop, the Advantage ML-2000 Single Post Lift can be used with motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, riding lawn mowers, or a combination of other power tools or components you just want to store in an out-of-the-way place. This single lift requires a 9’4” high ceiling, 8’7” wide space, and 7’ deep with a maximum lifting capacity of 2,000 pounds. Our lifts must be anchored to the floor, but only require a 110V power outlet. Visit our website for instructional installation videos to learn more.

Advantage 9,000 pounds 2-Post (Overhead and Floor Plate Options)

Two-post lifts, although they take up more space, are able to lift heavier vehicles. Advantage Lifts offers Advantage 9,000 pounds 2-Post (Overhead and Floor Plate Options), which can hold the smallest cars to the biggest pick-up trucks. Featuring a chain drive, rubber door guards and hose guards for protection, our 2-post overhead and floor plate lift has dual point lock release system and high strength equalization cables. Delivery and installation are available for this 2-post lift, relieving you of the headache and the time-burden of installing this 2-post lift in your garage or shop. Maximize your vertical space instantly and efficiently with Advantage 2-Post Overhead or Floor Plate auto lift.


Challenger 10,000 pound 2-Post Lift.

Looking for just a little more umph than our Advantage 9,000 pound 2-Post auto lift? Check out Advantage Lifts’ Challenger 10,000 pound 2-Post Lift. Free shipping and some installation possibilities, this 2-Post lift is perfect for your auto repair shop. Featuring symmetric and asymmetric positions and three-stage front arms, you can tailor each repair job to suit your needs. With a single-point mechanical lock release system, you can experience safe and reliable lifts on all vehicles that meet these specifications. Premium powder coat finish makes this Challenger 10,000 pound 2-Post Lift by Advantage Lifts perfect for your home, shop, or auto repair business.


Challenger 9,000 pound Floor Plate 2-Post Lift.

Need a 2-Post auto lift that is just a tad bit smaller? Check out our Challenger 9,000 pound Floor Plate 2-Post Lift. Designed specifically for lower ceilings, this 2-Post auto lift will fit most residential spaces for home car lifts. Featuring a hydraulic lift system with cable synchronization and heavy duty chains as well as a dual-point mechanical pull-lock cable release system, this 2-Post lift will double the usable space of your garage without an expensive renovation. Advantage Lifts offers free shipping and possible installation.


Challenger 10,000 pound CL10V3 2-Post Lift

Ready to ramp up your reliability and versatility of your 2-Post auto lift? Meet Advantage Lifts’ Challenger 10,000 pound CL10V3 2-Post Lift. This 2-Post lift offers Versymmetric® lift technology, which allows you to service more vehicles than lifts that are only asymmetric or symmetric. This 2-Post lift is designed specifically for your full-service auto body shop needs. We’ve thought of everything to make this 2-Post lift the best for your auto body shop, including adding an oversized pulley and heavy-duty cables to reduce the stress on your equalizer system and extend the life of your cables. Featuring an 11’8” standard service size bay with 2” and 3” extensions available, Advantage Lifts has included a padded overhead shut off system to ensure the safety of your lifted vehicle. Free shipping and installation available 2-Post auto lift.


Challenger 12,000 pound CL12 2-Post Lift

Advantage Lifts’ Challenger 12,000 pound CL12 2-Post Lift is the ultimate in heavy-duty auto lifts. Ideal for auto body shops and commercial garages, three-stage front and rear arms accommodate all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Featuring a 60” lifting carriage design and a pulley-less jacketed single-point lock release system, this allows for the smoothest of lifts. Plated arm restraints and arm pins inhibit rust. Experience the ease of car maintenance with this auto lift in your commercial auto body shop. Call us for installation in your area. Free shipping on all our auto lifts.


Challenger 15,000 pound 2-Post Lifts

Advantage Lifts’ Challenger E15 15,000 pound 2-Post Lifts take the cake for reliability, durability, and versatility in auto lift technology. Experience symmetric lifting capability that offer telescoping arms for maximum lifting and retraction. Symmetric lift columns ensure that the widest of vehicles can be accommodated, while still allowing easy access to the vehicle. You’ll have room to walk underneath all vehicle types comfortably and room to grow. Featuring the best in safety with a padded overhead shut off system and rubber door guards, this auto lift is sure to make your auto repairs easy and efficient. Advantage Lifts offers free shipping and usually installation in your area.



Benefits of 4-Post Lift

  • Easy to load and position your vehicle
  • You can drive your car up
  • Low ground clearance vehicles are easier to raise on a 4-Post lift
  • Some 4-Post lifts are portable with a caster kit
  • Can anchor 4-Post lifts
  • Generally features a 110 volt motor, which requires no special wiring needs
  • Supports the entire vehicle
  • Recommended for use as a parking lift
  • Easier access to vehicle when getting in and out
  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for long-term storage of a vehicle
  • Great for heavier vehicle use and repair


Advantage SS-9000 HD

Advantage 9,000 pound Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift (SS-9000 HD) is the perfect auto lift for your garage or shop. Designed with quality, strength, and durability in mind, this 4-Post lift will give you full access to the vehicle for repairs, as well as free up valuable space in your garage or shop for other uses, such as for parking other vehicles. With a five-year limited warranty on structure and hydraulics as well as lift accessories, including a heavy-duty poly mobile caster kit, four plastic drip trays, and four aluminum wheel stops, this 4-post auto lift is one of the best home car 4-post lifts.


Advantage 9,000 pound Extra Long/Tall 4-Post Lift (SS-9000 XLT)

Looking for a lift to park your car on? Advantage 9,000 pound Extra Long/Tall 4-Post Lift (SS-9000 XLT) is a residential 4-post auto lift that offers superior quality, safety, and strength over other 4-Post lifts. Four-post lifts offer additional support over 2-Post lifts and are ideal for leaving a parked car on  for extended periods of time. With the ability to drive on or off this lift, the tracks are boxed in, affording extra strength and can accommodate extra long vehicles. With safety features such as manual deadbolt locks, anti-surge valve built into the cylinder, and steel slider, this 4-post auto lift comes with a five-year limited warranty on structure and hydraulics as well as lift accessories, including 36” aluminum ramps and a 4,500 pound rolling jack tray with drain plug. The quality and service of Advantage Lifts 4-Post auto lifts cannot be beat. Double your garage space and make auto repairs effortless with this home car lift by Advantage Lifts.

Advantage 11,000 pound Dually Truck Capable Lift 4-Post Lift (SS-11000 WD)

Advantage 11,000 pound Dually Truck Capable Lift 4-Post Lift (SS-11000 WD) features thicker crossbars to accommodate bigger vehicles, including dually pickup trucks and newer passenger pickups, as well as increased cables and pulleys to handle the extra load capacity. Nicknamed “Big Al”, this 4-Post Lift is designed to accommodate all of your bigger toys, including ATVs and hot rods. Exclusive to Advantage Lifts, this heavy duty auto, truck, and home car lift has superior inch posts and sliding collars that are the best and securest in the business, eliminating any wobble. This auto/truck lift breathes safety and user-friendliness, with manual deadbolt locks, pulleys with cable keepers, and a height limiter switch so you don’t hit your ceiling. If you’re looking for the best, all-around 4-Post auto lift that can accommodate any vehicle, this Dually Truck Lift is for you. Delivery and installation is available, so you can be up and running in no time.

Advantage SXS-10000 4-Post Auto Lift

If you’re looking to store four cars, then Advantage Lifts' Advantage SXS-10000 4-Post Auto Lift is for you. Capable of holding two cars on the upper level with a weight limit of 10,000 pounds, this is one of the few 4-Post auto lifts that will hold four cars, making it lighter weight and slimmer (meaning your garage or shop doesn’t have to be as wide) as with other four car auto lifts. Featuring heavy duty, poly-caster wheels designed to protect your floors from damage and tracks that are boxed in for extra strength, this 4-post auto lift also can double as storage as the lift is adjustable to mezzanine height. With reinforced cross arms to prevent sagging, this 4-post auto lift is built to last, and perfect as your home care lift. Delivery and installation is available.

BendPak HD-9 Series

BendPak HD-9 Series 4-Post Auto Lift by Advantage Lifts is designed with the auto mechanic in mind, whether you fix cars and trucks at home or in a professional auto body shop. Available with optional casters, drip trays, and jack platforms, you’ll have everything you need to service cars and trucks up to 9,000 pounds. Featuring the most durable stainless steel lifting cables and a  single hydraulic cylinder, this auto lift has automatic safety locks and low-deck runways — perfect for low-stance chassis. Our integrated design and hidden cables is smooth and seamless when lifting vehicles and can double for auto storage as well. Advantage Lifts offers free shipping, and installation is available for this auto lift.


Challenger 4P-14 Series

With a 14,000 pound capacity, Advantage Lifts’ Challenger 4P-14 Series is designed to handle the heaviest vehicles. Wide runways and a low-approach angle makes for easy drive on and drive off. This auto lift was designed to have one of the highest rises in the auto lift industry, thus accommodating tall auto mechanic technicians without having to stoop. Louvered approach ramps allow for optimal auto positioning and with 14 levels of locking positions, you’ll be able to perform any auto mechanic service job. Oversized steel pulleys will extend the life of this incredible auto lift. With optional rolling jacks and bolt-on alignment kits, you’ll be able to handle the toughest auto repair jobs. Use for auto storage as well. Free shipping on all our auto lifts. Call us today for installation availability.


Benefits of Advantage Lift Accessories

  • Keep your shop or garage cleaner and neater
  • Makes auto repairs easier and tailored to your needs
  • Affords more uses for your 2-Post and 4-Post lifts
  • Can minimize possibility of damage to the vehicle

Drip Trays (comes in sets of 4)

A drip tray is essential for auto mechanics and auto body work. Advantage Lifts Auto Drip Trays can be placed anywhere underneath your auto lift to catch drips from car fluids before they hit the floor. Keep your floors clean under your car lift with our Drip Trays.

Rolling Jack Tray

Advantage Lifts offers a Rolling Jack Tray that will make using your hydraulic bottle jack or air bag jack a cinch. Designed to fit most lifts that have rails, this Rolling Jack Tray fits 36” to 48” between the rails. With a capacity of 4,500 pounds, this Rolling Jack Tray will make your auto repair quick and easy.


46” Long Aluminum Inserts for 4-Post Lifts

Designed to fit between the tracks of 4-Post lifts, these 46” Long Aluminum Inserts by Advantage Lifts will create a flat space when not repairing cars or trucks that can be used to store items on top of as well. Easy to install and remove, these aluminum inserts will add versatility to your 4-Post auto lift, as well as durability and slip-resistance.



36” Aluminum Approach Ramps

Gain the strength of steel without the burden of steel’s weight with these 36” Aluminum Approach Ramps by Advantage Lifts. A must-have auto lift accessory, these approach ramps make driving your vehicle up and off your auto lift easy. Easy to mount, sturdy, and durable, these approach ramps offer a gentler incline that won’t catch your wheels that often results in scratching or denting your vehicle. Perfect for low-profile vehicles.


Air Bag Jack

Air Bag Jacks are ideal for your on-the-go lifestyle. Let’s face it, we all can’t be near an auto repair shop when we need a quick fix. These Air Bag Jacks by Advantage Lifts have a 4,000 pound lift capacity, enabling you to work on your car while on the road. This low-profile Air Bag Jack is perfect for any collector car or other low-clearance vehicles. Extra security features include internal telescoping steel rods along with a pressure release valve to protect your car from damage.


Magnetic LED Lift Lights

Have you ever been working on your car or truck late at night and just not had enough light to see by? Advantage Lifts offers high-illumination Magnetic LED Lift Lights, so you can burn the midnight oil in the garage, working on your passion. Included is a 110 volt transformer. Easy to install, these Magnetic LED Lift Lights will put an end to your eye strain.


48” Aluminum Approach Ramps

Working in an auto body shop or at home in your garage can be a challenge. With Advantage Lifts’ 48” Aluminum Approach Ramps, you’ll make your life easier as driving your vehicle on and off your 2-Post or 4-Post lifts will no longer be dreaded as you attempt to line everything up perfectly. These aluminum ramps are clip on, so you clip them on, and when you’re done, clip them off. It’s that easy!  Light-weight and durable, these auto lift accessories will be a lifesaver for your car lift for your garage.


Aluminum Insert Set for ML 2000

Designed specifically for use with the Advantage ML-2000 Single Post Lift, this Aluminum Insert Set by Advantage Lifts closes the space between the two arms, making storing your golf cart, ATV, motorcycle, or dirt bike a snap.


Advantage Rolling Jack (with Manual Hand Pump)

Perfect for 4-Post lifts, Advantage Rolling Jack (with Manual Hand Pump) spreads out to 67 inches and will lift up to 17 inches. It’s easy to move and will provide much-needed unobstructed work space when not in use. This rolling jack will lift front, read, or all the wheels off your lift for brake, tire, suspension, and alignment work. A must-have rolling jack for your auto body shop or home car lift.


Advantage Rolling Jack (Air-Operated)

Sometimes you just need one small part of your vehicle lifted while performing auto mechanic work or maintenance. With a holding capacity of 4,500 pounds, this Advantage Rolling Jack (Air-Operated) will make your tire and wheel work simple on your home car lift. With rock-solid features, this rolling jack won’t scratch your vehicle and fits most 4-Post lifts with vertical tracks. Add this car lift accessory to your repertoire.



As any car enthusiast or car mechanic will tell you, having a 2-Post or 4-Post lift in the garage or shop is a must. Crawling underneath your car or truck on the cold concrete floor of your shop or garage is not only uncomfortable (and not fun), but it limits you on your maneuverability and access to the vehicle. Furthermore, you bought a home or shop in order to use the garage. Having a devoted, out-of-the-way place for your car, other toys (motorcycles, lawnmowers, and snowmobiles), and clutter makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Working on vehicles reduces stress and anxiety and eliminates the cost of you paying someone else to do the work.

Advantage Lifts offers the best 2-Post and 4-Post lifts in the industry. We offer car lift accessories, so you can make your garage or shop lift tailored to your needs. We offer free delivery on all of our 2-Post and 4-Post lifts, and optional installation, so you can be ready for repair work. Whether you’re seeking a home care lift or a commercial car lift, make your life easier. Contact Advantage Lifts today!

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