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Two beautiful Corvettes being stored on Advantage's 9,000 Pound Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift
Side profile of Advantage auto lift showcasing two great-looking cars
Exotic hyper-car being safely stored on Advantage's Heavy Duty 4-post Lift
Pair of Corvettes safely and conveniently stored on the heavy duty 4-post lift
Two 4-post lifts from Advantage storing four cars in only two garage spaces
Side profile of Advantage auto lift supporting Porsche and Dodge high-end vehicles

Advantage SS-9000-HD

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Get The Advantage 4-Post Lift You Deserve


  • The SS-9000-HD comes with a 5 year limited warranty on structure, and hydraulics. The extra 3+ years compared to our competitors could save you hundreds of dollars ($$$).

  • The Advantage SS-9000-HD lift has not only a superior design, but attention to details that even expert copycats can’t duplicate. It is our teams experience in the lift industry which spans over 3 decades that allows us to provide you the Quality, Safety and Strength that you and your cars deserve!


The Advantage SS-9000-HD is one of the best residential four post lifts for sale on the market. Advantage Lifts has thousands of happy customers who have our lifts in their garage. There are many online only lift companies, product copycats, and small pretenders in the lift business. What you deserve is a quality lift with quality service from a company like Advantage lifts! Word of mouth from thousands of happy Advantage Lift customers nationwide is continuing to spread. Advantage Lifts is large enough to provide you support long term, but not too large where you’re just a number.


Advantage SS-9000-HD Included Premium Accessories:


Mobile Lift, Caster Kit, Aluminum End Stops, Rolling Jack Trays


Plastic Drip Trays, Aluminum Ramps, Rubber Wheel Chocks


1) Caster Kit: Lower the crossbar into the bracket on the casters, and the weight of the lift will raise up the four posts so you can move the lift around your garage. Caster wheels are heavy- duty poly, will not mar your painted floors.

2) Aluminum End Stops: For added safety.

3) Rolling Jack Tray: Use a bottle jack or one of our Air Bag Jacks off the rolling jack tray. Rated at 4,500 lbs. 

4) Four Plastic Drip Trays: While not all of us will admit it we have some cars that leak and these drip trays will catch those drips to protect whatever you have underneath. 

5) 36" Aluminum Ramps: Aluminum ramps provide all the strength of steel ramps, but are a fraction of the weight (29 lbs.) . Each ramp comes with extra gusseted support and protective covers on the end to prevent scratching your floors.

6) Rubber Wheel Chocks: For added safety, especially when jacking up one end of your vehicle. 


Key Design and Safety Elements:


Primary Locks and Secondary Slack Cable Safety Locks

All four posts on Advantage Lifts have both a ¾” thick primary safety lock and a secondary slack cable lock. Your four primary locks are synchronized when engaging with each lock position. In a worst case scenario if a cable were to fail the secondary lock would engage to prevent the lift from ever falling.


Enclosed Post with Laser Cut Lock Positions & Outside Steel Slider Design, With a Solid Foundation

Advantage Lifts engineering team pioneered the 5” x 5” steel post with laser cut locking positions, and the 6” x 6” exterior steel slider sleeve that wraps around the posts providing total stability from all sides. At the foundation of Advantage 4-Post Lifts is a 1’ x 1’ base that is 5/8” thick.

This exterior slider design provides you with a much more stable lift then the C-Channel design. With our stable design you do not have to anchor the lift, providing you with a portable 4-post lift for your garage. C-Channel lift makers say they don’t have to be anchored, but with our 30+ years in the installation business we recommend anchoring C-Channel lifts.


Reinforced Steel Crossbar

The exterior slider and our 2” x 4” crossbar are welded together to provide one solid piece. Advantage Lifts is the first lift of this design with a reinforced crossbar, which includes an additional welded steel plate across the entire crossbar. CAD testing results prove that Advantage’s crossbar can easily support more than 3 times the 9,000 lb. rated capacity.


Dual Cable Keepers

Advantage Lifts is the first 4-post lift to have cable keepers at all of the pulleys, not just underneath the runway. Our cable keepers are positioned to not interfere with the cables or operation of the lift and prevent the cables from jumping off the pulleys.


Other Advantage SS-9000-HD Features:

  • 5 year limited warranty.

  • Top caps are 5/8” thick vs. ½”.

  • Pulley axles are 1” dia. with grease fittings vs. ¾”.

  • Pulley axles have set collars and lock snap rings to keep it all together.

  • Manual Deadbolt locks are the most reliable and is the safest locking system used.

  • Anti-surge value built into the cylinder.

  • Easy engaging caster kit that allows one person to move the lift.

  • Drive on or off either end of the lift.

  • Cables are pre-run which makes for easy installation.

  • Power unit that mounts on drivers side front or passenger side rear post in three different positions.

  • Powder Coat Finish

  • Hardware bolts are ¾” vs. ½”.

  • Tracks are boxed in for extra strength.

  • Available limiter switch.






4-Post Mobile Residential Car Lift