Air Bag Jack

by Advantage Lifts

On A Lift Or On The Floor, This Advantage Air Bag Jack Goes To Work This car lift accessory is ideal for wheel and suspension maintenance in any environment. The air bag jack features a low profile, allowing you to lift low-clearance cars like Corvettes.

Made by Advantage Lifts, you can count on this air bag jack to work well under pressure.

Looking for car lift accessories that allow you to work on your collectors anywhere — at the shop or on the road? The Advantage air bag jack is built to hold up. With a 4,000-pound lift capacity, this low-profile bag jack works on the runway or in conjunction with your auto lift jacking tray in order to provide clearance on those low-riding vehicles. With built-in internal telescoping steel rods that provide extra strength, along with a pressure release valve to prevent damage, these are the right car lift accessories for any job in any environment.

MSRP: $457.32
Price: $387.23
Capacity: 4,000 lbs.