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Drip Trays (Set of 4)
Drip Trays (Set of 4)
Drip Trays (Set of 4)

Drip Trays (Set of 4)

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Catch Those Pesky Drips And Keep Your Vehicles Clean

  • This drip tray can be placed anywhere in the middle of your auto lift.
  • Drip trays allow you to catch those nasty drips from the lifted vehicle to keep oil and other leaks off the car or floor below.
  • Our car lift accessories are perfect for your home garage or auto shop.
Looking for a way to catch those pesky drips before they hit the car or floor below? Then we have the auto lift accessories you need. Our drip trays can be placed anywhere under your lifted vehicle to protect whatever lies below — whether it’s another car, your garage floor, or even your head during maintenance. Shop for car lift accessories from Advantage Lifts and get the very best products at the very best prices. Get lifted today!

  • Width: 18”
  • Length: 37”