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This handy, economical tire rack tips back to roll to convenient locations between service bay doors, on walkways and storage areas. Heavy-duty 6” rubber-tired wheels and includes your choice of: “Get Our Deal!” or “TIRE BARGAINS”sign in red/white or blue/white.

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No. 1048 : Tire Tipbarrow
No. 1048-S : Tire Tipbarrow w/ Sign
No. 1048-H : Sign for 1048 Rack, Sign Only
No. 1048-XX (No Sign Included) : Heavy-duty 6" rubber-tired wheels

SPECIFICATIONS – No. 1048 Tipbarrow

Width: 38” overall
Depth: 22-1/2” (29” including display tires)
Height: 39” overall
Tubing: 1” OD x 18 gauge welded steel
Wheels: 6” OD x 1.50” semi-pneumatic tires on pressed steel or high-impact polyolefin hub.
Axle: 1/2" OD x 16 gauge welded steel tube, bright zinc chromate plated.
Axle cover: .706” OD x 19 gauge zinc plated tubular steel
Fasteners: Bright zinc chromate plated; nuts are “acorn” cap type
Finish: Black baked enamel, after thorough cleaning phosphatizing.
Sign: 20 gauge steel, thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized before finishing. Base color, screened copy, and clear top coat are all baked for durable long-lasting finish. Standard legends and sizes are as follows:

“TIRE BARGAINS” - 5-1/2” x 24” red on white or blue on white, single face copy.
“GET OUR DEAL!” - 8-3/4” X 21” red on white or blue on white, single face copy.

Made in America by Warren Steel Specialties