Advantage Lifts proudly welcomes Wayne Carini, master car restorer and star of the TV show Chasing Classic Cars to the team. Wayne joins the Advantage family dedicated to providing high quality lifts built for your lifting and storage needs.


F40 Motorsports, led by Wayne Carini, host of Chasing Classic Cars, in Portland, Conn is now home to a fleet of Advantage Lifts. As this new partnership rolls out, Carini will help highlight the many strengths of the Advantage Lift product at industry tradeshows, historic car gatherings and via the promotional channels of Advantage Lift.

“When I decided to outfit my personal garage, there was no doubt what lift I would turn to. Advantage’s quality and build is what makes them superior to everyone else out there,” said Carini. “The posts and sliders are the sturdiest in the industry, while the thickness and location of the baseplate allow for way more support for my precious collection.”

With a lifetime of experience in automobile restoration under his belt, master car restorer Wayne Carini has a resume that includes body and paint work on rare car collections owned by the likes of David Letterman, tennis great Ivan Lendl and the DuPont family.

His show on the Discovery Channel, Chasing Classic Cars, gives viewers a true insider's look into Wayne's inner circle as he embarks on his personal mission to uncover the world's most rare and exotic cars. Filmed entirely in high definition, Chasing Classic Cars welcomes you into the elite club of car restorers and collectors as Wayne buys, restores and sells vintage rides, and the owners of the most exclusive and secret garages open up their doors.

“It is an honor to outfit Wayne’s garage,” said Stacey Mack, president, Advantage Lifts. “He knows quality and we are happy to deliver it to him. I’ve been a fan of Chasing Classic Cars for years and this just brings everything full circle. It will be wonderful to have Wayne by our side at some of the best collector events out there.”