Garage Parameters
What height should my garage ceiling be?
The required ceiling height will vary based on the type of lift and your desired usage. See the link below for the breakdown of required height for each lift.
Four Post Car Lift Comparison Chart
What if I want to stack 2 vehicles on my Advantage 4-Post Lift?
We have created a quick formula for double stacking that will assist in accurate calculation.
Four Post Car Stacking Formula
Lift Selection
What 4-post lift should I choose?
This depends on the quantity, size and weight of your vehicles. Here are the most frequent combinations we work with, and our recommendations.

If you have:

1-2 low riding vehicles (Corvette) - Advantage SS-9000-HD
1-2 tall or long vehicles (Truck, SUV) – Advantage SS-9000-XLT
Extra wide vehicle (Dually, or Ford Raptor) - Advantage SS-11000-WD|
3-4 vehicles (Challenger, Mustang, Camaro) – Advantage SXS 10000
1 heavy duty vehicle (Work Van) – Challenger 4P14

We have created a best lift selection tool to assist you with identifying your best options.
Find Your Perfect Lift
What is the difference between a 2-post lift and a 4-post lift?
A 2-post lift is primarily used for maintenance on vehicles in a residential or commercial setting. A 2-post lift does provide more open access underneath the vehicles and the tires.

A 4-post lift is a better lift for storage but can be used during maintenance and restoration projects as well. Rolling Jacks can be used to assist with wheel and brake work. Rolling Jack Trays are included in all Advantage Lifts 4-Post.
What does the 5-year warranty cover?
Advantage 4-Post Lifts (SS-9000-HD, SS-9000-XLT, SS11000-WD and SXS-10000) come with a 5-year limited warranty for residential use on structure, cylinder, power unit and functional components, provided the warranty registration has been completed within 30 days of receiving the lift. 5 Year Limited Warranty

Advantage Single and 2-Post Lifts (ML-2000, AL-9, ADV-10, AL-12, and ADV-12) have a 5 year limited warranty on structure and a 2-year limited warranty on functional components. All Challenger Lifts follow the manufacture’s warranty.
Shipping / Receiving Your Lift
How much is shipping?
Shipping cost is based on the individual model. Costs are based on your location. Ex. We do not ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US military installations or internationally. For more information please read our Shipping Guidelines.
What are my options for receiving my lift?
There are multiple options for the delivery of your Advantage Lift.

Option 1: Pick up from one of our warehousing facilities. The available locations are: - Phoenix, AZ - Orlando, FL - Wichita, KS - Inver Grove Heights, MN - Hanover, PA - Kent, WA

Option 2: Have the lift shipped to a nearby truck terminal or commercial address. In some markets residential delivery only is an option. Reach out for more details on delivery only options.

Option 3: Have your lift delivered and installed at your location. If your lift will be installed by Advantage Lifts or an installer within our network, the customer service team will coordinate deliver with the installer. There is no additional action needed on your part.
Can I have a lift shipped to my house?
No. Removing the lift from the height of a tractor trailer without benefit of a receiving dock and forklift is unsafe. We only ship to commercial addresses with a receiving dock, and a forklift, or to a trucking terminal.
How long does my car trailer need to be if I pick up my trailer?
We recommend a 16’ + open cart trailer for picking up a 4-post Advantage Lift.

We recommend a 12’ + open car trailer for a 2-post lift.

You can not load a lift into the bed of a pickup truck.
Do you have the option for installation of my lift?
Yes, we have a network of installers nationwide. Call us for more installation information, or a quote 763-300-5730.
What is the cost of installation?
Prices will vary based on quantity, and location. Typical installation is between $750- $1000. Plan on a range between $850 - $1000 per lift.
Can I install this myself?
Yes, installation can be done by 1 individual, although we recommend using a lifting device for the runways, and overall assembly usually works best with 2-3 people. The installation is not complicated. The cables come pre-strung and the locking mechanism is pre-assembled. The total number of parts requiring assembly are minimal.

We have heard from customers after they installed their lift that it was much easier than expected! Be sure to view our installation videos
Advantage Lifts Installation Videos
If I choose to install my lift, what if I have questions during the process?
We are here to help you every step of the way. You can call us M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Customer Service, 763-300-5730, or view our Installation Videos.
My 4-post lift has floorplates with holes to anchor to the floor, but I want to be able to move my lift. Do I have to anchor it to the floor?
We recommend you do not anchor Advantage 4-post lifts. Challenger 4P14 should be anchored.
What thickness of concrete do I need to have in my garage or workspace?
4” concrete is the recommended thickness
Made in the USA
Are your lifts made in the USA?
The Backyard Buddy Lifts 7000 HD, 7000 HD-T, 7000 HD-XLT, 7000 HD-XXLT and 7000 Boat Trailer Lift are Made in the USA. The SA-10 is assembled in the USA.
Are your lifts ALI certified?
The Challenger SA-10, CL10V3 and CL-12 are ALI and ETL certified
Advantage Lifts 4-Post Lifts vs Competitors
What makes your lifts different from all the other lifts on the market?
Advantage Lifts are made exclusively for Advantage Lifts. Our designs are backed by 30 years of experience designing, building, selling, installing and servicing quality lifts to customers, like yourself.
Design and Safety Features

Our 5-year warranty* is the most extensive in the industry.
Still not convenience Advantage Lifts are right for you?
View our Competitor Comparison Chart . We think you’ll agree; Advantage Lifts are what should be in your garage.

We wouldn’t have it any other way!