About Us

Headquartered in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Advantage Lifts, Backyard Buddy, and Warren Steel Specialties have over 100 years in providing world class products & services!

Advantage Lifts

First starting operations in 2010, Advantage Lifts was originally created to fulfill a niche in the automotive marketplace. The original founders of Advantage Lifts discovered that there were not a safe, reliable, and affordable car storage lifts available on the market during that time and set out to produce one. After importing several initial models and altering many renditions, they settled on the original “Advantage Lift”, and what is known today as the 9000-HD. 10 years later, Advantage Lifts is known as the leading hobbyist lift, fulfilling needs from storage to automotive maintenance due to the Quality, Safety and Strength built into each model of automotive lift. In 2017, Stacey Mack and his team purchased Advantage Lifts and quickly started selling lifts nationwide. Within the next 12 months, they pushed to gain ALI certification and successfully certified all 9000 models of Advantage Lifts. Today, Advantage Lifts are sold across the United States and Canada.

Backyard Buddy

First constructed in a local weld shop, Backyard Buddy has proudly produced high quality automotive lifts for over 40 years! In 1978, Founder and original constructor, Larry Gross, found himself in need of an automotive lift for his garage and couldn’t find one in the quality he wanted. So, in true entrepreneurship manner, Larry set out to build one himself. After building several models for friends & neighbors, Larry invented and settled on what is known today as the “outside slider car lift”. Larry retired in 2018, and during September 2020, Stacey Mack & Advantage Lifts took over operations of Backyard Buddy. Today, Backyard Buddy proudly continues to build automotive lifts to the same "Quality, Safety, and Strength" standards that Larry strived for.

Warren Steel Specialties

With over 90 years of expertise, Warren Steel Specialties is known nationwide for its commitment to high-quality, reliable, and affordable USA created products and materials. With the founders having a rich history in the automotive industry, Warren Steel Specialties was established in the heartland of Warren, Ohio in 1931 to produce garage accessories and products using industrial grade steel. With products ranging from tire racks, battery stands, oil racks, and much more, Warren Steel Specialties products can be found in garages ranging from home workshops to automotive dealerships across the United States. In September of 2020, Stacey Mack and his team took over the operations of the organization with an emphasis on continuing the mission first established in 1931; every product will be made to the highest degree of Quality, Safety, and Strength possible. Today, Warren Steel Specialties produces more than a dozen products in Warren, Ohio using the highest quality of steel possible for home garages and dealerships across the United States.

Our Motto

Quality - Safety - Strength

What does Quality, Safety, and Strength mean to us? Everything.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that every automotive lift or mechanical equipment we produce, is built to the highest degree of excellence possible, providing you the customer, the most reliable, productive, and safe experience obtainable.

Executive Team

Stacey W. Mack
President & CEO

Sales & Customer Service Team

Mike Bartholow
Event Representative & Lift Expert
Tony Weber
Event Representative & Lift Expert
Kyle Bures
Event Representative & Lift Expert
Sean Carlucci
Lift Expert & Customer Service Representative
Tyler Monto
Lift Expert & Customer Service Representative
Annie Doughty
Lift Expert & Customer Service Representative