Measuring Your Garage

You're so close to being the proud owner of a new Advantage/Backyard Buddy Lift! First things first
- let's decide what lift is the best fit for your garage. 


4-Post Lifts:

To measure your garage and find the ceiling height needed, use the following formula:


If your garage measures 9' to 10':
If your garage is 11'+:



Still not sure which lift is best for you? Give our Lift Experts a call at (763) 300-5730 anytime Monday thru Friday 8am-6pm EST!



2-Post Lifts:

We offer two styles of 2-Post Lifts: Overhead & Floor Plate. Measure the height of your garage and use the guide below to determine which style would be best: 


9'6" Ceiling Height Minimum

Advantage AL-SF10

10'6" Ceiling Height Minimum

Advantage AL-12F

12' Ceiling Height Minimum

Advantage AL-SC10 Advantage AL-12C