Shipping & Delivery

During the lift purchasing process, our Lift Experts will go over your options for receiving the lift. If you have questions, please reach out to our team at 763-300-5730!


Domestic Free Shipping

Most Advantage, Backyard Buddy, and related brand products include Free Shipping. However, we suggest you contact us for a listing of items eligible for free destination delivery. Free Shipping items will be delivered freight prepaid to all Direct Shipping Points located within the 48 contiguous United States. Accessory only shipments are generally eligible for free shipping, depending on their shipping method. Service parts orders are generally not eligible for free shipping.

Advantage logistics will designate the freight carrier based on region and/or best service defined by our shipping department. In the event a preferred carrier is requested, the dealer/customer will be responsible for paying a freight surcharge at the time of order.


Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Area Surcharge

Although Advantage Logistics Free Shipping Policy covers the cost of transportation and delivery to Direct Shipping Points for some of our shipments within the 48 contiguous states, shipments destined to Non-Direct Shipping Points will be subject to a Delivery Area Surcharge fee.

What is a Direct Shipping Point?

A Direct Shipping Point is typically located in a developed urban area with a high density of houses, commercial buildings, roads, bridges, and railways and have a proximity to major highways and shipping lanes. This does not mean that your shipment will necessarily stay on the same truck the entire time, but it does ensure that the same carrier company will be handling your freight from pickup to hub.

What is a Non-Direct Shipping Point?

A Non-Direct Shipping Point is typically located in a rural area with low population density and large amounts of undeveloped land. They are often distant from major highways and shipping lanes. Shipping to these remote and rural locations are Non-Direct Shipping Points with higher associated delivery costs. Freight carriers delivering to Non-Direct Shipping Points will usually have to use one or more interline partners to transport your freight due to the remoteness of the address. A Delivery Area Surcharge fee will be added to all shipments destined to a Non-Direct Shipping Point.

Below describe a few surcharge situations. (not all situations are listed below)

  1. Free Delivery Area- The zip code is located in a Direct Shipping Point, or this shipment is not subject to a Delivery Area Surcharge.
  2. US 48 zip code - The zip code is in an area outside of normal shipping hub locations. There will be a surcharge added to all shipments destined to these zip codes.
  3. US 48 zip code extended- The zip code is in an area that extends a little farther out of normal shipping hub locations. There will be a surcharge added to all shipments destined to these zip codes.
  4. US 48 remote zip code- The zip code is in a very remote area that is far out of normal shipping hub locations. There will be a surcharge added to all destined to these zip codes.
  5. Removed from lower 48 zip code– Hawaii and Alaska will always be special quotes for shipments.


Prolonged Storage Fees 

A trucking company may charge a storage fee if a shipment is not picked up in a reasonable amount of time. Depending on the trucking company and terminal, the time period could be between 2 to 5+ days. These charges are dependent upon the terminal and trucking company, and not us. 


Your 3 Receiving Options:

Option 1. Pick Up at One of Our Warehouses

We have 8 warehouses across the United States that house a variety of our lifts. These include the following:

      • Phoenix, AZ
      • Apopka, FL
      • Park City, KS
      • Minneapolis, MN
      • Charlotte, NC
      • Warren, OH
      • Tukwila, WA
      • Hanover, PA (HQ)
    • In order to pick up from one of these locations you will need to have either a min. 16 to 18 ft trailer (not enclosed), a flatbed, or a tractor trailer.
    • Once you arrive at the warehouse location, your lift will be loaded for you and all you will need to do is strap it down!


Option 2. Have it Shipped to a Contracted Trucking Terminal or Business

If these warehouses aren't close to you, consider having our team ship your lift to a contracted trucking terminal near you! Our team will do the work to find the closest terminal with a loading dock.

If it happens to exceed a 45 minute drive from you to the terminal, we will let you know ASAP to make sure that is OK, or to figure out an alternative solution.

We are also able to ship to any business that has a dock with a loading ramp. We occasionally ship to a residential address if you have a 5000 lb forklift (Tractors will NOT work) and if there is a way for a tractor trailer to easily get to your location.


Option 3. White Glove Installation

If you want to avoid the work all together, we can help! With our White Glove Installation, one of our trusted installers will pick up your lift from a terminal or warehouse and bring it to your location. Then they will install the lift, show you the ins & outs, and make sure you're comfortable using it before they head out!



Other Shipping Questions & Concerns:


How is my lift packaged?

All of our lifts come compact with accessories packaged inside. We use protective brackets on both ends of the runways to keep all parts safe during transportation.




Can I assemble a lift myself?

Yes! The vast majority of our customers assemble their lifts on their own, with a second helping hand. Our team has put together detailed videos on the assembly process that can be found here on our website or on YouTube. Watch our video below to see how easy the assembly process actually is!


Will you provide tracking information?

Yes, if a tracking number is provided by the shipping carrier, we will provide you with the tracking information. When the status of the order says, “At Destination Terminal”, or similar verbiage, your order is available for pickup. The carrier will also give you a call at the number you provided to us to let you know that the item is ready for pickup. If you would like to verify that your order is at the hub before picking up, you can use the tracking information to call the terminal / carrier directly

Example Tracking Information:



How can I receive my lift?

  1. You can pick up the lift at one of our 8 warehouses. 
  2. We ship the lift to a trucking terminal to be picked up there.
  3. We ship the lift to a business that must have a forklift to unload. 
  4. We have one of our Automotive Lift Service installers or 3rd party installers pick up the lift, deliver it to your location, and install it.


Where is the closest shipping location?

It depends on where the customer is located. We have 8 warehouses across the US utilized primarily through ABF and SAIA. Based on the customer’s zip code, we can find the closest location.


How much do the lifts weigh?

The lifts weigh between 1,500 and 3,000 pounds.


What size trailer do I need to pick up my lift?

You will need to have one of the following: a 16 - 18 ft trailer that is not enclosed (unless it has a barn door or roll up door - enclosed trailers with ramps will not be accepted.), a flatbed, or a tractor trailer.


How long are shipping quotes good for?

Shipping rates fluctuate, so we are only able ensure rates for 7 days.


Can I put the lift in the back of a pickup truck?

No. You will need to have one of the following to pickup a lift: a 16-18 foot trailer that is not enclosed, a Flatbed, or a Tractor Trailer.


Can I hand the lift off the end of the trailer?

The lift is allowed to hang off the back of the trailer but needs a 2x4 to support it and needs to be the right size. However, this can vary depending on state laws. 


What forklift capacity do I need?

A 5,000 lb. capacity forklift will be needed to pick up the lift. 


Why can't you ship to the terminal near my house?

We only have contracts with specific terminals, so those terminals closer to your house may not be able to handle the lifts..


How long can I let the lift sit at the terminal?

Once your lift has arrived at one of our terminals, they will call you to set up an appointment for pickup. We can store your lift at a terminal for up to 3 days. After the 3 days are up, storage fees may be incurred.


If I am in your service area, do I need a forklift?

No. We can deliver to your door as long as you are within the 150 miles range from one of our locations in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Ohio - Please call us to confirm that you are in our service area. 


Can I use a skid-steer?

As long as the skid-steer has forks and is capable of lifting 5,000 pounds you can use one. Please use proper lifting techniques. 


Who do I contact about shipping damage?

If damage has been incurred while being shipped, please call our Lift Experts at 763-300-5730.



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