100 Most Expensive Cars - The Facts

Classic cars require quite a bit of time, a good chunk of money from time to time, but it’s all worth it when you get to step into that beautiful car and take it for a ride. While many of us car enthusiasts would rather remain silent than admit how much money we’ve spent on cars, it’s a given that this pastime will be one that does end up in some higher spending.

Though most of us can say that we’ve spent a lot, the cars that we talk about in today’s blog post are going to be the most expensive classic cars that have ever been purchased.

Ferrari Set the Bar High

For decades Ferrari has been one of the leading makers of expensive cars. This is no different in the case of classic cars. In 2017, a list of the world’s most expensive classic cars was made, and over 50 percent of those cars were Ferrari. A total of 62 of the most expensive classic cars were Ferrari made. 

If you’re familiar with the 250 GT series, then you know that some gorgeous models have been made. When you have cars that look this good, you never have a shortage of people that are looking to buy them — but you do have a lack of people that can afford them.

On the list of the 100 most expensive classic cars, 62 of them were Ferraris. Out of those 62, 41 of them were from the 250 GT Series. These are surely a costly car to purchase, but you there’s also something to be said about the make, the model, and the series when we’re looking at these numbers. It’s a car that is well worth the money that you’ll spend on it.

Mercedes- Benz

There are so many other brands that people are aware are a pricier make and model, but when it comes to the list of the most expensive modern classic cars, Mercedes-Benz is the second most prominent name on the list. With a total of 8 vehicles placed on this list, Mercedes-Benz is a major maker of the modern day classic car, and they’ve always made a good impression.

The amount of money that this car costs as well as the distinctive features that each model has, it makes complete sense that this car would have a spot in this list. What many don't expect, is just how high up on the list this car is. We did a lot of talking about how much of the list Ferrari made up, but that doesn’t mean that each of those cars was sitting at the top. In fact, Mercedes-Benz made it within the top 5 cars on that list.

Coming in at number three, the 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 Silver Arrow is the most expensive German car to be sold and one of the top 100 most expensive cars to be sold in the world. The car itself is extremely famous and has had a few famous individuals have been able to take a spin in this car as well, so it’s no wonder that it’s a classic car admired by many. 

Following Closely, Bugatti

We’ve heard songs about them, have admired the unique designs and have dreamed about adding them to our personal collections. Bugatti models are coming in right behind Mercedes-Benz with a total of seven cars on the list. From classic models made in 1896 to the newer models made in the mid-1900’s, we see the Bugatti name a couple of times when looking at the list of the world’s most expensive classic cars. 

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Variety is a Must!

One of the reasons that classic cars are such a commodity is because of how they are truly one-of-a-kind. Being able to say that you own a car that only had a certain number of cars made is something that very few people can make. While there were three makers that lead the way in the most expensive cars ever sold, there were still some other well-known brands that made the list.

Alfa Romeo had a total of four cars on the list, Ford and Jaguar were tied with three cars on the list. Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Shelby all had two cars on the list. And while they may not have had multiple cars on the list, Aston Martin, Delahaye, Duesenberg, Porsche, and Talbot-Lago each had one car on the list of the most expensive classic cars.

This list continues to grow, and we can expect to see a lot of these vehicles in the United States because we are the country that contributes most to the marketplace. Over 50 percent of the cars on that list were purchased by a resident of the US. The country that follows right behind us is the U.K., followed by Italy, Monaco and then France. It’s safe to say that we make up a majority of car activists.

Given that the United States purchased 74 of the 100 cars on the list (and this is only the list of the world’s most expensive classic cars), it’s safe to say that there is an absolute passion and craze that takes place in this country when it comes to classic cars! When you’ve ignited the interest in the cars, it’s far from over. Oh no, it’s just getting started!

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