48" Aluminum Approach Ramps

48" Aluminum Approach Ramps

MSRP $548.78 $489.13

(Set of 2 Ramps)

Get Your Cars On The Lift Without Hassle

  • These aluminum approach ramps measure 48” in length.
  • Made from aluminum: These ramps are just as strong, but about half the weight of traditional steel ramps.
  • The 48" approach ramps are best for low riding cars with under 4" of clearance to prevent scraping.
  • Be sure that the lift is all the way lowered before approach, and clear the ramps before lifting.

Ramp up and get lifted. Seems like a match made in auto heaven, right? When it comes to car lift accessories, aluminum approach ramps are a must-have. Just clip these ramps onto your lift, drive your car up and onto the lift, remove the ramps, and hoist your vehicles with ease! These aluminum approach ramps are sturdy, durable, and allow you to make the approach with precision. Browse the Advantage Lifts website for all of the highest quality car lifts and car lift accessories for your home garage or auto shop.


  • Length: 48”