Slim 3 Tier Merchandiser Rack | Stationary

by Warren Steel Specialties

The ultimate battery storage for retailers, auto shops, or any car enthusiast! Our Slim 3 Tier Merchandiser Rack is designed to showcase and sell automotive products in a compact and organized way, featuring a sturdy and durable construction that can handle any project. The sleek and modern design of the rack not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your store or shop, but also allows for maximum visibility and accessibility of the products on display. Whether you're stocking up on new merchandise or looking to improve your in-store experience, our Slim 3 Tier Merchandiser Rack is the perfect addition to your merchandising strategy.

  • DISPLAY STAND: The Slim 3 Tier Merchandiser Rack is a stylish and practical storage solution for your power tools, car, boat, or motorcycle batteries and automotive merchandise.
  • HEAVY DUTY METAL FRAME: This free-standing merchandiser rack is a convenient storage option to keep merchandise safe, organized and easily accessible. It is made from durable black powder-coated steel and features 3 shelves.
  • KEEP YOUR GARAGE ORGANIZED: This rack is compact enough to fit in most work spaces, while still providing ample storage space. Whether you're a professional mechanic, boat owner, or DIY enthusiast, this holder will help keep your necessities organized and easily accessible.
Price: $180.00

Made In America

This item is proudly produced in the United States. Our welder’s stay current with their certifications to provide you the industry best welds possible. With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, industrial steel, and certified American welds, each product is constructed in the highest quality possible.