What to Know Before Buying a Four-Post Lift for Your Garage

Buying a four-post lift for your garage is a great way to organize the space while gaining more access to the bottom of your vehicle. As the name suggests, this type of lift features four posts found at the corners with two metal platforms allowing you to drive up onto the lift. The platform then travels up and down the outer posts, allowing you to work on the underside of your vehicle. With your car up high, you can use the space beneath for temporary storage or park a second car.

If you are considering a four-post lift for a home garage, there are a few things that you need to consider to make sure it's the right piece of machinery for you.

The Purpose

Many car lift companies, such as us, offer both four-post and two-post car lifts. One of the distinguishing differences in utility between these two systems is how much access they allow to the bottom of your car. With a four-post lift, you’ll only have easy access to the middle section of your vehicle's underside, while a two-post system will give you access to almost the entire bottom.

However, four post lifts have greater stability and are easier to move around if needed. As such, they are often chosen by those who wish to display their vehicles or simply need more storage space. If that is your primary use case, a four-post lift is right for you.

Four Post Lift Dimensions

When considering the system, it’s essential to take into account its dimensions, particularly the fort post lift’s height. While you don’t necessarily need to raise your car to the greatest height, there is no getting around the posts' size, so take extra care when measuring your garage ceiling height for a four-post lift. Thanks to the inherent stability of having four posts, you don’t need to anchor the lift to your floor like you would a two-post setup. This means that nailing a four-post lift alignment isn’t as stressful. You’ll be able to move the lift around your garage as you please.

Weight Capacity

Picking a four-post lift with a weight capacity that can handle your vehicle is critical to achieving safe operation. Our lifts range from 7,000 pounds to 11,000 pounds on the Advantage SS-11000 WD. If you are unsure about what capacity you should be looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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