Advantage's 11,000 Pound Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift in action (side profile)
11,000 Pound Heavy Duty Advantage Auto Lift lifting a truck at max height
Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift from Advantage flattened for loading
Two Cars using the Advantage 11,000 Pound Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift (set-up)

Advantage SS-11000-WD

MSRP $4,883.34 $4,639.18

Call For Installation Quote 763-300-5730

The Only 4-Post Car Lift of This Size and Design on the Market

Meet BIG AL !   The SS-11000 HD is our “big boy” four post lift, built for the guy who has the one-ton, four-door, long bed dually pickup and a hot rod that he’d like to work on. This lift can do it all. The Advantage SS-11000 is one of the largest lifts that you can still put a set of casters on to make portable. 

BIG AL Features

  • Overall length - 17' 11"
  • Overall width - 10' 8"
  • Minimum concrete - 4" 
  • The SS-11000 WD 4-Post Car Lift is made exclusively for Advantage Lifts
  • Includes 5-Year Warranty (best in the business)
  • 5" × 5" inch posts with 6" × 6" sliding collars are the largest and sturdiest in the industry (eliminates the wobble)
  • Manual deadbolt locks (the most reliable and safest locking system)
  • A full 82" of clearance under the deck while resting on the top lock
  • Pulleys have cable keepers to protect cables from coming off a pulley
  • Tracks that are boxed in for extra strength.
  • A secondary safety lock system
  • Anti-surge valve built into the cylinder
  • Power unit 240V/20A
  • Premium accessory package
    • Drip Trays (set of 4) 
    • Pullout aluminum end stops for added safety (2 stops)
    • Rubber wheel chocks for added safety when jacking up one end of your vehicle (2 chocks)
    • A set of casters with heavy‑duty poly caster wheels (won't cut or mar your painted floor)
    • Rolling Jacking Tray (4500 lb. with a drain plug) 
    • 36" Aluminum Ramps




  • "BIG AL"
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Accessory Package Included