Advantage Single-Wide Triple Stacker | 3 Car Tri-Level 4-Post Lift
Advantage Single-Wide Triple Stacker | 3 Car Tri-Level 4-Post Lift
Advantage Single-Wide Triple Stacker | 3 Car Tri-Level 4-Post Lift
Advantage Single-Wide Triple Stacker | 3 Car Tri-Level 4-Post Lift
Advantage Single-Wide Triple Stacker | 3 Car Tri-Level 4-Post Lift
Advantage Single-Wide Triple Stacker | 3 Car Tri-Level 4-Post Lift
Advantage Single-Wide Triple Stacker | 3 Car Tri-Level 4-Post Lift
Advantage Single-Wide Triple Stacker | 3 Car Tri-Level 4-Post Lift
MSRP: $24,995.00
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Three Cars. One Space. Limitless Possibilities! 

Ready to transform parking challenges into opportunities? Take the leap with our Triple Stacker Lift – the future of parking!

The Triple Stacker is a three-car, single-wide car lift designed for the avid collector who values both form and function in their garage. Whether you own classic muscle cars, sleek exotics, polished hot rods, or a mix of everything, the Single-Wide Triple Stacker is engineered to accommodate a wide range of vehicles. Don’t just store your cars; display them in a way that truly showcases your collection and transforms your garage into a personal showroom!

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Space Optimization: The Triple Stacker Lift is engineered to vertically stack and lift three cars, effectively utilizing vertical space and reducing the horizontal footprint required for parking.

User-Friendly Operation: A user-friendly control system allows drivers to easily park and retrieve their vehicles with minimal effort.

Safety and Security: Concerned about safety? We understand that your cars are precious. That’s why we’ve implemented cutting-edge safety mechanisms to protect you and your vehicles - aka our Secondary Locking System! The Secondary Locking System is a back-up lock held open by the tension of the cables and will automatically engage in a cable emergency - keeping both you and your vehicles safe.

Lifting Capacity: 17,000 LBS (8,000 LBS on Top Level, 9,000 LBS on Middle Level)

What This Lift Includes:

  • 8 Drip Trays
  • Wheel Chocks
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty


Solid Steel Base Plate

You will notice with our 4-post automotive lifts two distinct features; the thickness of the plate, and the location of the post welded on the plate. Having a thick plate prevents warping when welding the posts. By having the post toward the center of the baseplate, (rather than one on the outer edge), it allows for better weight distribution, increasing the stability. While there is an option to anchor the lift, it is recommended that you let the lift remain free standing. Having a free-standing lift provides you with the option to move the lift around inside your garage, or even outside of your garage if conditions allow.

Enhanced Underside Construction

Three new features comprise our enhanced design underneath the power side runway. 1) The cable block rollers have been replaced with durable nylon pads that will not wear as fast as the rollers and are less intrusive, while serving the same purpose. 2) For added convenience, you can adjust the cables underneath from the cable block. 3) The welding of the ramp construction has been enhanced to provide more strength.

Dual Cable Keepers

We are the first lift manufacturer with the exterior slider design to have cable keepers on all the pulleys, not just underneath the runway. They are positioned to not interfere with the cables or the operation of the lift. Their primary function is exactly what you would expect; to keep the cables in place and prevent them from jumping off the pulleys. Another feature to keep you safe.

Industrial Grade Cables & Pulleys

Cables and pulleys are one of the most important stability features on all 4-post lifts. Using industrial grade steel cables, pulleys, and axles provides less stress on your operating components, increasing their life span.

Primary & Secondary Locking Systems

Our 4-post automotive lifts include a primary safety lock and a secondary slack cable lock. When raising the lift, you will be able to hear the synchronized locks engaging in each laser cut lock position. If a cable were to fail, for any reason, the secondary lock would engage to prevent the lift from falling. Our double lock design, paired with a single point manual release, will provide you with a safer lifting experience.

Oversized Hardware

With the industry average using ½" hardware, we provider a stronger product by bumping up the hardware to ¾" to make sure that our are safe while using our products.

Designed for Quality, Safety, & Strength

The enclosed posts with laser cut locks provide a solid position for your locks to rest on when working on or storing vehicles. The sliders enhance the stability by encapsulating the post to greatly reduce movement of the lift, which is a common complaint about c-channel lifts.

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Shipping/Receiving Your Lift Installation

Shipping/Receiving Your Lift

Shipping cost is based on the individual model and the shipping location.
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Exclusions Apply.

There are multiple options for the delivery of your Advantage Lift.

Option 1: Pick up from one of our warehousing facilities. The available locations are:
-Charlotte, NC
-Hanover, PA
-Minneapolis, MN
-Apopka, FL
-Park City, KS
-Phoenix, AZ
-Tukwila, WA
-Warren, OH

Option 2: Have the lift shipped to a nearby truck terminal or commercial
address. In some markets residential delivery only is an option. Reach
out for more details on delivery only options.

Option 3: Have your lift delivered and installed at your location. If
your lift will be installed by Advantage Lifts or an installer within
our network, the customer service team will coordinate deliver with the
installer. There is no additional action needed on your part.

No. Removing the lift from the height of a tractor trailer without benefit of a receiving dock and forklift is unsafe.
We only ship to commercial
addresses with a receiving dock, and a forklift, or to a trucking terminal.

We recommend a 16’ + open car trailer for picking up a 4-post Advantage Lift.

We recommend a 12’ + open car trailer for a 2-post lift.

You can not load a lift into the bed of a pickup truck.


Yes, we have a network of installers nationwide. Call us for more installation
information, or a quote 763-300-5730.

Prices will vary based on quantity, and location. Please contact us for an installation quote!

We recommed having one of our professionals complete the install of this lift. Please contact us for more details.

We are here to help you every step of the way. You can call us M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
EST Customer Service, 763-300-5730, or view our Installation Videos.

We recommend you do not anchor Advantage 4-post lifts.

4” concrete is the minimum recommended thickness.

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